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Getting started

Getting Your CSR Started

At Kindred we believe that every business can have a positive impact on society and the planet, and that our clients have to start somewhere.

Whether you are new to all of this (or looking to formalise your existing sustainability activities), we will assess your whole business to create bespoke CSR strategies, policies and improvement plans that are easy to manage and focused on both short and long term goals.

CSR Project Delivery and Management

Having a plan is all well and good, but impact comes from delivering it in an effective and efficient way and  to a high quality.

We will build your capacity by becoming your freelance CSR Manager on small and large scale projects taking pressure off of other roles in the organisation, and creating authentic activity that truly demonstrates your commitment to being better. 

partnership approach
Social Values in tenders, and/or sustainable supply chain contracts

Social Values embedded in  tenders, grants or awards

Your business is amazing at delivering the right products and services to others and you’re relatively competitive in price, so why aren’t you winning contracts and tenders?

Perhaps it’s because the quality of your answers in the Social Values or Sustainability section is not as good as your competitor’s.

We will deliver create high quality Social Values or Sustainability strategies that evidence your continuous improvement and high levels of Social Values, ensuring that this box is just as easy to complete as all the others.

Supply Chain Assessments and Certification

Assessments and certifications are are fantastic way to prove your commitment to continuous improvement, taking your business to the next level of innovation within your industry.

Alternatively you may be under pressure to provide evidence of your sustainability through supply chain assessments with a deadline looming and the risk of losing a client.

Either way, Kindred can provide expertise on the criteria, measures and improvement documentation that provides you with the evidence you need to score high.

open hands to demonstrate that we have nothing to hide, and that we encourage open and honest conversations about what we do - both good and bad.
B Leaders Using  business as a force for good

Making the B-Corp Impact Assessment quicker and easier to complete

Alison Phillips, Director and Project Manager at Kindred has completed the B Leaders programme.

This means she can offer bespoke consultancy advice and project management to businesses wishing to undertake the B Corp Business Impact Assessment (BIA) easily and within deadlines. External insight allows your business to see opportunities that you may have missed, also helping to boost your score.



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