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Our ESG Roadmap

ESG Roadmap

This ESG roadmap offers you a kickstart to your sustainability improvement journey. The roadmap serves as a structured, step-by-step guide, helping you navigate the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Build on it to set clear objectives, prioritize initiatives, and align them with your unique goals and values.


Sustainability Action Plan

This complimentary Sustainability Action Plan is a catalyst for your business to kick-start its sustainability improvement journey. It guides companies in identifying key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities, setting measurable goals, and developing practical strategies for implementation. By leveraging this tool, businesses can streamline their sustainability efforts, reduce resource wastage, enhance operational efficiency, and align with global sustainability benchmarks. 


supply chain assessment image

Sustainable Supply Chain Assessment Template

This template provides you with the basic sustainability and ethical questions to ask your suppliers about to support with your sustainble procurement reporting.

It also includes a question about any additional support they may need, alongside permission to refer them back to Kindred CSR so we can get in touch.