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About kindred csr

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Kindred's story

Kindred csr was founded in 2020 by Ali: wife, mum, and, as it turns out an amazing entrepreneur! :-)

Ali had been playing with the idea of launching a purpose driven business for a number of years and the unusual events of 2020 provided the nudge she needed to take the leap. As lockdown 3 set in kindred csr was launched.

Our vision is to transform the way businesses operate by reshaping their supply chains into powerful engines of sustainability. We envision a world where every link in the supply chain is a force for positive change, enhancing the well-being of people, safeguarding the environment, and driving lasting economic prosperity. 

Our values

At kindred we like to lead by example, and actively choose clients and suppliers who share our values. That way we all get to enjoy our work. Our core values are:

  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Helpful and supportive
  • Approachable and (above all) fun!
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Our approach

As we work towards this vision, we pledge to lead by example, championing sustainability within our own operations and advocating for responsible supply chain practices.  Our values reflect the way we want to work,  

Together with our clients and partners, we aspire to create a future where sustainability is not an option but a fundamental imperative, where businesses thrive by doing good, and where the supply chain becomes a force for positive global change." 

Read our latest impact report

Last year we turned 3, a big milestone for any business! And as we mature, so does our ESG impact.

We're not perfect -and never will be - and we know how important continuous improvement is. So, here is our first ever first ever impact report telling you what we achieved in 2023.

Please feel free to download and read about what we have been up to, and what we are hoping to achieve in 2024 and beyond.