About Us

Tree trunk showing growth from the inside out

Who we are

Kindred CSR is a family business that was set up in November 2020.

Alison Phillips is the founder of Kindred, and has been working on Social Values projects for nearly 20 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to Private and VCSE sector. She loves to get to know our clients personally, and deliver high impact projects that reflect the values and personality of the people behind the brand.

We are based in Kenilworth, West Midlands and would love to work with the businesses within our local area, but we can also work across the UK in person or via Zoom.

Why we started

Kindred CSR has been Alison’s ambition for over 10 years but the day to day responsibilities of bringing up her children kept her within the comfort of a standard 9-5. In 2020 Alison had the opportunity to reflect on how she moved forward with her life.

As a mother of two boys, she wanted to be a strong role model that showed them that a woman can achieve anything she wants with determination and the support of others. She also felt that her own values had slipped somewhere along the line, and she wasn’t happy.

So, she took her passion, drive, support of her friends and family, and put it all in to creating Kindred CSR. She’s proud of running a purpose led business that creates positive change – and she hasn’t looked back since.

What we believe

We believe that every business can make a positive impact on society and the environment.

There is not a single business out there that doesn’t have an impact on people or the planet. Whether it’s the products and services you provide, the people you employ or the economic benefit your contribute to, there will be a footprint you have left somewhere.

We believe we can work with your business to understand that footprint and begin to take positive action.

partnership approach

Our Approach

Personal and Passionate

We’re a family business who love creating high quality projects that reflect our client needs. We’ll take our time to understand you and your business and give you 110% on your projects.

No Pressure

We’re here to make sure you achieve what you need, when you want it. We’ll be transparent with prices, and there’s no heavy sales tactics.


Great ideas don’t always turn out the way we plan. We’re happy to review and change the way we work with you to ensure you get the best service possible.

Let’s have a coffee

If you’re old enough to remember the advert for a certain telecommunications company, you’ll know “it’s good to talk”.

We’d love to have a virtual or face to face meeting with you to find out more about your values, business and personal interests.

We may even get around to discussing how we can work together!