Coaching and Workshops

FREE Sustainability 5 Day Challenge (5DC)

Are you an SME wanting to learn more about how sustainability fits in to their business operations to begin to making more sustainable decision making?

Then the FREE 5 Day Challenge might be for you!

We will reflect on:

  • why you started your business
  • Your sustainable values and vision
  • Identifying and engaging with key stakeholders
  • Taking action

Running Monday to Friday, short tasks are set everyday on Facebook. There is a chance to catch up, and access a live Q&A session with our Director, Alison Phillips at the end of the week.

Power Hours

Looking to move on from the concepts learnt in the 5 Day Challenge? Or perhaps you have a specific area of sustainability that is causing you a problem? Maybe, you’re just looking for the next big step to something great….?

If so, book in for a private 1 to 1 consultation session where you can discuss your own challenges and ideas with Alison, our Director, who will give guidance and support for moving forward.

You’ll also receive the notes from the discssion as well as further action points or signposting as dicussed.

£150 per session.

picture of an apple with the words learn and develop written underneath.

Workshops and Webinars

Are you looking for a speaker for your next webinar or event? Do you want your members to learn more about how they can become a sustainable business?

Our Director, Alison would be happy to share her knowledge, expertise and passion on the topics of:

  • B Corp certification
  • Understanding and creating Social Values measures
  • Embedding CSR or Sustainability in start-ups, micro and SMEs
  • Sustainable supply chain impact

Get in touch for availability and pricing, dependent on your need.

email or call 07725503479 for more information.

My Extra Colleague

I am reassured that I do more than I thought. I now recognise the business need as to why to do this. It isn’t all about recycling! I can amke a difference in other ways.”

Lily Samuels Nutrition

The workshop was thought provoking, engaging and informative, thank you.

Kenilworth Books

Good to focus specifically on sustainability – what we already do and could do.

Loud Local

Great session, thank you! Clear communication and explanation, good pace and very interesting.

Life Equilibrium Ltd.

Well presented – food for thought.