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Sustainability 5 Day Challenge (5DC)

Do you need to quickly get to grips with how you can profit from purpose? Are you losing out tenders and contracts, or struggling to attract the right kind of clients or customers, or recruit and retain employees?

Our 5 Day Challenge reveals how family business owners can start to plan strategies to secure sustainability and growth.

Read our PDF to find out more about the Sustainability 5 Day Challenge

What is a 5 Day Challenge

A 5 Day Challenge is a quick and easy way to cover the basics of a subject i.e. business sustainability. It is designed to get you thinking in a new way, covering top level concepts that allow you to get new insights in to your decision making and growth strategies.

How does it work?

Every day for five consecutive days (Mon-Fri) you will be set a short task via a pre-recorded video and PDF worksheet. The task subject will change everyday, covering a different element of why and how you begin to embed sustainability with your business.

On each day, you will also be invited to post any questions you have about that task, which will then be answered in in with a live session later that evening.

Who is it for?

 This challenge is for family Micro and SMEs trying to secure their growth through:

– updating governance and legal compliance

– securing supply chain tenders and contracts

– aligning to customer values

– attracting the right employees for creativity and productivity

– staying ahead of the competition by adapting to societal trends

No previous experience or knowledge of sustainability is needed – just an open mind and willingness to give your business decision making process a slightly different approach! 

What are the benefits?

 1) FREE access to expert insights on your business

2) Quick assessment of where you are now; as well as starting block for where you want to be in the future

3) Eligibility for a discount on our Policy and Action Plan Service that begins to build a framework that can be used to demonstrate your commitment to improving your sustainability

Next steps after completing the 5DC

Once you have completed the 5DC you should have a clearer idea of your vision and values, as well as where sustainability fits across your business.

You should then be able to pull together a strategy for creating a policy, action plan and marketing story that demonstrates your commitment to being a force for good.

If you need help to do this, then we can go on this journey together. You can register for one our Power Hours (individually price, or book in for our Policy and Action Plan Package for only £300.

(Renewable) Power Hours

Need to move on from the concepts learnt in the 5 Day Challenge? Or perhaps you have a specific area of sustainability that is causing you a problem? Maybe, you’re just looking for the next big step to something great….?

Then why not sign up for one of our renewable power hours where we will blast through the extra information and advice you need to keep moving forward towards your goals.

depending on your budget, an hour can be 1 to 1, or you can join a small group coaching session that will still allow you time to discuss your own challenges and ideas with some critical friends.