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Certified B Corps consistently outperform the market, attract and retain the best talent, and clearly communicate your company’s ethics and values – all of which is especially good for People, Planet and Profit.

The B Smart Academy is a great way to accelerate through the B Corp Impact Assessment by accessing expert B Leaders who will share their knowledge and expertise to get you the score you need without the pain of doing it alone.

This short video explains how the B Smart Academy works.

What is the B Corp Impact Assessment?

To become B Corp certified, companies have to complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA), a comprehensive questionnaire that determines a company’s impact on their community, employees, the environment and beyond.
The BIA measures companies’ social and environmental impact through a deep dive into their internal policies, partnerships, environmental outputs, social contributions, metrics used for tracking impact, and methods employed to ensure that impact is positive.

After completing a wide range of questions, companies generate their B Impact Report that breaks down how they did in each section of the Assessment.

How does the B Smart Academy work?

The 10 Step Programme is split into two separate phases, normally delivered across three months.

Phase 1 covers the first five steps, each of which covers one of the five sections of the B Impact Assessment, and at the end a RAG report is produced.

Phase 2 uses the RAG report to focus on any issues and gaps that need to be addressed, together with ensuring that the appropriate evidence is in place.

The programme is delivered as part of a small cohort of like-minded companies. This format is enhanced by collective knowledge, support, accountability, and networking.

mage shows three steps breaking dow he time comittment needed for the academy. 1 - 30 minutes preparation before the call 2 - 45 minute online call 3 - 45 minutes for doing homework

What other support do you get?

Assistance with all necessary documentation, policies, processes and surveys are also provided.

Support with Companies House is included to make any required changes to articles and objects together with advice for the BIA audit process.

Post BIA submission and certification support can also be provided at an additional cost to the 10 step programme.

Pricing and Booking


Turnover of less than £1million = £750

Turnover of £1- £2 million = £1350

Turnover of £2million+ – Please speak to us directly before booking

The first programme will be running from the 7th September to 23rd November 2022, so book you place now to avoid disappointment!

Meet the Team

Alison Phillips

Alison Phillips

Director, Kindred CSR


Alison loves to work with start-ups, micro and SMEs to embed sustainable practice in an authentic and easy to manage way. She has worked with a number of MSMEs to explore the opportunities that purpose driven activity can bring, and delivered on projects where needed.

She completed the B Leader training to enable as many businesses as possible to take a that bigger step towards demonstrating their commitment to being “a force for good”.

Alison enjoys working in collaboration with others to ensure that Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands is a place known for its ethical and environmentally friendly businesses.

Prior to starting Kindred CSR, Alison has nearly 20 years of experience working with multiple stakeholders in the Voluntary and HE sectors, as well as delivering workshops and training to a range of participants including academics, business owners, and various members of the community. 

Andy Hawkins

Andy Hawkins

C3PO (Chief People, Planet and Purpose Officer), Business on Purpose

Andy Hawkins, founder of Business on Purpose, has been in business for more than 20 years helping companies transform the way they work.

He also spent 5 years doing community development in Africa and a further 5 years in environmental services.

These experiences are now helping clients assess and improve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) utilising the B Corp process and B Impact Assessment.

Having supported over 100 clients across a range of sizes and sectors, as a qualified B Leader and B Corp Certified, he is well placed to provide support how, where and when it is needed.

Laura Adams

Laura Adams

Founder & CEO, Remarkable Impact

Laura has worked in the sustainability field for twenty years. 

Before becoming an independent responsible business consultant, she held leadership positions in companies including Jaguar Land Rover and The Co-op Group. As such, she has direct experience of the challenges (and rewards) of bringing good intentions to life in practice across a range of sectors.  

Laura completed a post-grad certificate at the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership (2016/17), has been recognised as an ‘agent of change’ by a UK award scheme, and became a B Leader in 2021. She is also the Chair of a sustainability charity in her spare time.

Laura strongly believes that a sustainable path should be accessible to all organisations, regardless of history or sector. She enjoys working with organisations to de-mystify sustainability and help them take action that feels relevant, meaningful and motivating.