Joining the B Corp Movement

At Kindred we love the idea of businesses becoming B Corps. To us, B Corp is an amazing way of showing that you are committed to being a “force for good”. B Lab do this by taking a deep dive into your ethos and culture, as well as and how you strive for continuous improvement in the five areas of:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • community
  • Customers
  • Environment

B Corp should be seen as an investment in your business, helping to continue with sustainable growth now and in the future.

Watch the video to find out more about the B Corp movement, and why businesses want to be a “force for good”.
Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Our most challenging global problems cannot be solved by governments and non-profits alone. By harnessing the power of their business, B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet.

Businesses that become B Corps have seen great results: committed and motivated employees, increased customer loyalty, higher levels of innovation, and market leadership.

To become certified, businesses must reach 80+ points and make legal changes to their governing documents.

More information about becoming a B Corp can be found on the B Lab UK website.

As with any accreditation process, it takes a lot of time and commitment to complete the B Corp Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and get certified.

Kindred is here to support you by working with you to ensure you answer the right questions, provide evidence, make changes and keep your team motivated to hit your deadline.

We offer two different approaches to getting certified as a B Corp – a group cohort, or one-to-one support.

Group Cohort - B Smart Academy

Do you want to accelerate your initial BIA process as part of a group cohort? 

The Academy is for businesses who:

1. Want to start the BIA quickly and effectively, knowing they can’t do it on their own due to capacity or time constraints.

2. Have already started the BIA process but are finding it challenging to answer the questions and make progress in reach 80+ points.

3. Want a cheaper alternative to the one-to-one support.


B in a circle with the word Leaders next to it

One-to-one Support

Do you want to move at a slower pace on your own?

Kindred CSR can work directly with you and your team on a one-to-one basis on a timescale that suits you.

There are two options:

1. Critical Friend Review – a shorter review of your existing BIA content with support to improve your answers and next steps for your team.

2. Critical Friend and Project Coordination – The review of the BIA answers as above, PLUS:

  • regular monthly project team meetings action planning,
  • support with evaluation feedback,
  • attendance at verification call, and
  • liaising with B Lab UK for problem solving any challenges.

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