Our Values & Impact

Tree trunk showing growth from the inside out

Sustainable growth from the inside out

At Kindred we believe that every business can have a positive impact on society and the planet, including ours!

We are working hard to embed our values in to the core of what we do so that every business decision we make creates positive societal and environmental impact right the way out to the edges of our reach.

Partnership and collaboration is the only way

At kindred we like to work with others to create the biggest impact we can, and there is certainly strength in numbers when it comes to doing things better.

Through building personal relationships between our partners, clients and community we will we start to broaden our skills, knowledge and capacity to deliver high impact projects together.


partnership approach
Jigsaw Piece

Support for those who need it

We will always offer a free consultation to businesses and the voluntary and community sector as we feel that sharing our knowledge and raising awareness of how everyone can benefit from CSR is an important step to creating opportunities and positive impact.

We will work hard to get to know you and your needs, offering flexibility and affordability so that everyone has access to our services when they need it.


Open and honest approach

Being transparent in what we do builds trust and respect between us and our stakeholders. 

As we grow we will celebrate our successes, and look for help on our weaknesses to ensure we offer the best business services and employment experiences as we can.

open hands to demonstrate that we have nothing to hide, and that we encourage open and honest conversations about what we do - both good and bad.

Our Impact

We always say that a business must walk the walk when it comes to it’s purpose driven activities, and we should be a shining example of that.

Whilst we cannot donate cash to good causes whilst we grow, we do offer donations in other ways including:

  • pro-bono services to not-for-profits looking at how to attract Corporate supporters
  • volunteering with local community causes that reflect our skills, knowledge, experience and passions. This includes being the CSR committee member for Kenilworth Chamber of Trade as well as volunteering with the local Scouts as an Assistant Beaver Leader.

Please check back here again soon to see how we’re getting on with our progress, as well as reading our annual impact report ,and plans for the future.

Non-profits supported

Number of pro-bono hours

Number of trees planted (future aim)

Code of Ethics

Kindred's Code of Ethics

We want to be a company that demonstrates the highest level of integrity, and our code of ethics is clear about how we do this. We want to be known as a nice company that does nice things.

 If you don’t want to do business like this, then we’re not the partner for you.

Kindred CSR Code of Ethics 2021



Kindred's CSR Policy

We can’t be a CSR company without our own CSR policy now can we?!

Even as a micro business we have a policy, as basic as it is. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take it seriously, it will just be adapted and more detailed as we grow.

Please feel free to take a look – it’s nothing mind blowing – just a sensible approach to being better. Anyway, it’s all in the actions that come from it, not just the words on the paper.

Kindred CSR Policy – September 2021